Discover Mapleridge Homes' extensive knowledge along with its commitment to its clients to confirm your choice of contractor.



Mapleridge Homes specializes in building efficient, durable and healthy custom homes as well as in major home renovations also known as home makeovers.


Mapleridge Home’s reputation is built on trust and personalized service with our clients from the first meeting to establish the scope of work until the delivery of the project.


Founded in 2008 by Matthew Smith, Mapleridge Homes strives to establish benchmarks with innovative planning and processes to deliver an efficient and durable product.

Our Guarantee

Mapleridge Home’s primary objective is to deliver as promised while establishing
long-term relationships with our customers. Whether it is the inspection of the
materials prior to installation, compliance with the building code or the finishing
details, each construction or remodeling project is inspected and managed to
meet superior construction practices.

Your Satisfaction

According to a third party survey, Mapleridge Homes
provides exceptional value to its clients:

100% would recommend Mapleridge Homes.

97% appreciate the quality of the work performed.

99% appreciate our quick returned calls.

97% have a general satisfaction in Mapleridge Homes.

99% appreciate our punctuality.

97% are satisfied with work done in accordance with the original agreement.

99% appreciate the cleanliness of the premises during the project and at the delivery.

Our Commitment

To present turnkey solutions tailored to your needs and meet your expectations
and budget! To offer the peace of mind by managing and delivering a product
as promised with gratitude!